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Contact us at Student-Hosting in Herts and Essex

If you would like to take part in the student-hosting programme, contact us at Student-Hosting in Herts and Essex by simply filling-in our enquiry form and we will contact you to give you full details of this enriching experience.

Alternatively, drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Contact us at Student-Hosting in Herts and Essex

For over 40 years we have been working with student-hosting families to offer comfortable accommodation, a warm welcome, and a taste of the British way of life to international language students. It can be a fantastic experience for both students and families, as well as being a great way to earn a little extra money from your spare room.

We provide friendly households to students aged 11 to 17, from the Canary Islands, Spain.

You are not charged any tax on income from student-hosting. You can earn £7,500 per year tax free, so the amount that you receive will be all yours. Full details are available by visiting

The income is guaranteed. You can do student-hosting all year round and you have flexibility; if you want it long term or if you only want to do student-hosting for a couple of weeks in the year.

If you want to become a student-hosting family and not just earn additional income, but also enjoy one of the most rewarding experiences in helping a child understand and be introduced to a new culture while you yourself make friends and learn about their way of life, then get in touch with us today.